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Buy Credits Discount
Posted 08 / 08 / 2017

Buy Credits and Get 2x More Than Before. Limited Time Offer!

5 EUR = 3500 Credits Now 7000 Credits

10 EUR = 8000 Credits Now 16 000 Credits

30 EUR = 32000 Credits Now 64 000 Credits

90 EUR = 128000 Credits Now 256 000 Credits

Do not miss this discount, Never seen on WingedMU before. Buy HERE

Unexpected shut down!
Posted 29 / 06 / 2017

Hello all dear players and we have to say sorry about shut down of server x70 suddenly. We expected much higher online players amount because we built server in a way to have it a really interesting with configured rewards and drops. Since we did not expect such a low online players count we had to close server. We are going to put much more money in advertising our server to get much more players online. You will see our server will have a good place in rankings of top sites and other places. We care our server since it is a long term planned so we will do our best to give you exciting game play with many people online to communicate with and you could try to beat them to be the best in rankings. Opening date of x70 server will be JULY 3 and you all who read this are welcome to join our server on that day. See you on JULY 3. With best wishes, Winged Administration!

Update 28.05.2017
Posted 28 / 05 / 2017

[Removed] Blood Castle finish time restriction,
[Increased] Zen drop a little bit (some 5%),
[Increased] Pentagram's damage to monsters 5x,
[Fixed] Pentagram's visual bug of damage 0-0,
Download and apply small fix for that HERE,
[Increased] success rates Pandora Mining System:
1 jewel = 75%, 3 jewels = 65%, 7 yewels = 50%,
16 jewels = 40%, 33 jewels = 35% chances

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